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Shaqayeq Arabi is a painter, sculptor and installation artist. 


Arabi’s work finds its point of departure in image, sound, and smell, as well as the sensitivity of the surrounding environment. In sketching, composing and connecting accumulated fragments together, Arabi traces her reminiscences, creating a tangible and touchable reality out of the emotions and sensations.


She received her Bachelor in Graphic Design from Al-Zahra University, Tehran, a BFA from University of Valencinnes, France and an MFA from Sorbonne University, Paris.


Arabi has had exhibitions in the Middle East, North America, and Europe – notably Roots, Total Arts, Dubai; Study of an Upturned Ziggurat, Dept. of Signs and Symbols, New York, and Bits And Pieces: Collages And Assemblages, Shirin Gallery, New York.

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