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Clothes-making is the extension of Shaqayeq’s ongoing artistic practice reflecting her concerns about the natural & urban environment, sustainability and vanishing traditions to name a few. She makes clothes out of the pieces of textiles she found or recycled throughout various locations, stitching them together, juxtaposing the old and the new to make a wearable collage. She transforms her experiences into a personal visual language through the use of every medium she found relevant within her reach, various and often unusual media. Her works have been deeply influenced by the specificity of the places where she works and the locations that house them.

Sweet Reeds, October 2019, New York, photography by Mani Zarrin
The Autumn Garden, December 2018, Ordibehesht gallery, Tehran
Until It Rains, June 2016, New York, photography by Mani Zarrin
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