Shaqayeq Arabi’s sculptures are fundamentally abstract, yet evoke a range of associations. They speak to both the built, urban environment and the natural world by combining the textures of found objects with the rawness of materials such as wood, tree branches, dried flowers or pieces found in construction sites. By combining found objects found in everyday life, they examine the different forms and textures of materials, and, through them, the balance between the expressively abstract and the suggestively pictorial. They propose a metamorphosis from the base, synthetic nature of their materials to the ethereal nature of a composition – be it installation or sculpture.

Rememebr-being, 2021

Stilt, 2019-2020

Floats, 2017

Image of Self, 2016

"The surface, of the water, mirrors many things.” - Masami Kato

Assemblages, 2016

Assemblages, 2015

Mixed media (composed of found objects, wood, plaster, paint, wire, stone, branches and plastic flowers). Intimate in scale and composed of simple materials. Upon closer inspection, the small found-objects that comprise these assemblages take on a monumental scale – they are proportionless and timeless.